Welcome to Randbond Vehicle Finance

Randbond can now also assist with all your Vehicle Financing Needs.


Including but not limited to:

  • Private to Private Finance
  • Refinance of your Vehicle
  • Residual / Balloon payment Financing

We can assist, if you can answer YES to the following questions:

  • Have a Valid South African ID and Driver’s License
  • Buyer Receives a Minimum Income of R 6000 pm
  • Vehicle is Registered in South Africa and not Older than 9 years
  • Vehicle is not a Code 3 (Stolen Recovered or Accident Damaged Vehicle).
  • There are no unpaid debit orders on Bank account/s.
  • There are no Judgments and /or Arrears on Credit Record.
  • Credit cards, personal loans, store cards and other loans get paid every month.
  • Salary gets paid into a bank account every month.
  • Not under Debt Review, Administration, Blacklisted or Insolvent.

Documentation we will require Once Pre-Approval is done:


Permanently Employed Clients:


  • Completed & Signed Individual Application Form (Will be provided)
  • Copy of ID Document or Card (Front and Back) and Valid Driver’s License
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate / ANC contract or other.
  • Latest 3 Month’s Salary Advice.
  • Latest 3 Month’s Bank Statements
  • Full Vehicle Description – Make & Model
  • Proof of Residential Address (not Older than 3 Months – Utility Bill / Retail Acc).
  • If you would like to Finance a Vehicle in a Legal Entities Name, additional documentation would be required. Your Sales Representative will assist accordingly.

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Randbond Vehicle Finance – 012 751 1178

Debt Relief – 012 751 1178

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