Here are some common questions about RANDBOND.

Will Randbond Be Able To Assist Me?

Randbond has a remarkably high success rate. With over 49 years Experience in the Property Industry we have the knowledge and expertise to assist successfully. We do however comply with all NCA requirements and will not expose our clients to reckless lending.

How long does the application take till Final results are given?

The normal running time for an Application is 10 – 20 Working days, but can vary and could be influenced by economic state as well as backlogs at the Financial Institutions. The client’s co-operation will surely help to get Application Finalized ASAP.

What are the processing steps from the time my Application & Documentation are Received by Randbond?
  1. Application is Checked by Consultant. If and when all in order an Approval in Principle will be Provided.
  2.  A Quotation with Specified Transaction and all cost involved, are sent to client.
  3. Upon Acceptance, Application is sent to Submission Department which will now submit to the banks.
  4. Credit Check, Affordability Calculations and Valuation are now done by the Financial Institutions.
  5. As soon as a Decision is reached, the bank will inform our Submission Department which in turn will communicate same to your Consultant.
  6. Consultant will inform client of Progress / Decision.
  7. If a Final Grant is obtained the Instructions will be sent to Attorneys
  8. Client will be contacted by the attorneys to Sign all Documentation as soon as their paperwork is in place.
  9. Documentation is then submitted to the Deeds Office for registration.
  10. After Registration, the Funds will be paid directly to client.
Why should I apply at Randbond?

At Randbond you will receive your Own Personal Consultant that you can phone at any convenient time, even after hours.

Randbond operates on a personal client and consultant level. We work for YOU to get the best possible DEAL and provide the best service possible!!

Motivations, Explanations and Negotiations also happens on a more Personal level… You remain a Person, and do not become a Reference Number!

Where did Randbond get my Cell number from?

Randbond purchases Data from Various List owners in the Industry. We do not receive any personal Information, but only a Cell Number.

We cannot confirm where the list owners obtained the number, but we can confirm that we only Purchase Opt-in Numbers,

 which means that somewhere, you gave permission to that List Owners to use your Cell phone number for Marketing Purposes.

Should you wish not to receive these types of sms’s, please make sure not to Opt-in anywhere, as negative response is also frustrating for us.

How can I prevent receiving further sms’s from Randbond?

By simply replying STOP to the sms received, your number automatically gets blocked on our sms server and will prevent us from sending you any further sms’s.

You are also welcome to send an e-mail, and request to be Opt-out from our database.

What is the cost involved to send a STOP sms?

Standard sms rates apply. Randbond do not make any profit from sending an sms. Sms’s sent are only used as an advertising method.

Why is Randbond on Hellopeter.com?

Hellopeter.com is designed for Complaints and Negative Comments. The Consumer can complain for free but if a Company wishes to defend, a fee is payable.

We see this as unfair and will not pay to support it. We will do everything in our power to make your Application Process as easy and effortless as possible,

but sometimes life happens. You are welcome to contact Management directly at Management@randbond.net, regarding these Complaints.

Who gets to see my Personal Documentation and Information?

At our Offices only your Randbond Consultant and Submission Department, which will handle your Documentation with utmost Privacy and discretion.

It will then be sent to the Different Banks, where it will be handled with same.

Why Does Randbond Need All The Documentation & Information?

Randbond  request the documentation needed by the different banks. Service Level Agreements are in place and we will adhere to the Minimum Documentation Policy.

Why is Randbond not registered at the NCR?

Randbond is not a Financial Credit Provider. We do not offer our own personal funds but obtains finance, on your behalf, at one of the Major Financial Institutions.

Does Randbond receive any payment from the Financial Institutions or anyone else?

Randbond provides a service and all Services are payable. We do not receive any kind of Remuneration from the Bank or their Consultants.

Randbond’s Fees are disclosed to Customers before submitting the Application, which means you are fully aware of all cost involved before

Application is submitted to the Banks. Randbond’s fee is also paid out of the proceeds of the Bond, when the application has been Finally

Approved. Randbond works on a NO SUCCESS – NO FEE basis which means, if we are unable to obtain the loan for you, No fees are payable.

Randbond will then cover any wasted costs.